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Episode 18 - Aliens in the Southwest

January 24, 2019

In this week's episode, we give you two instances of the extraterrestrials all around us! The Phoenix Lights was a incident that happened in 1997, in which a series of lights that were in a V-formation flew from Nevada all the way down to Mexico, passing right over Phoenix, AZ on its way. This incident was witnessed by thousands and the government had no explanation on what the flying lights were. After this, we take you to our homeland with the Dulce, NM claims on an underground base 30mi northwest from the town! Many claims of different types of aliens are said to be here, as well as experimentation on humans and animals for genetic reasons. These aliens allegedly were in cahoots with the government and had their permission to experiment as they saw fit in this deep underground military base (D.U.M.B.). So listen now and decide for yourselves if aliens are living among us!

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